Payday Loans for Employees


All you need to know about Payday loans reserved for employees. Information regarding the requisites required to access this type of product and the characteristics of Payday loans for employees, both as regards the amount that can be requested and the methods of disbursement and reimbursement.

Payday loans for Employees: Requirements and documentation required

If you are looking for a payday loan for civil servants, then certainly the advantageous solutions are not lacking. Among the best there are certainly the payday loans, the payday loans offered to its customers. This credit institution offers its customers the opportunity to access different products, designed specifically for any need you may have. In this case, the product we want to present , and this is precisely a payday loan by assignment of the fifth. Before analyzing the economic characteristics of this type of payday loan, we see who is addressed and therefore what are the required requirements and the necessary documentation to receive the payday loan.

As with any payday loan, the first requirement is to be resident in Italy. This obviously also applies to foreign citizens, who must have been residents for at least 6 months. Again with regard to this category of customers, a very important document without which the request of the Fifth can not be presented is the residence permit, which must be open-ended or with a subsequent expiry date compared to the repayment term. Since it is a transfer of the fifth for employees, it is obviously necessary for the applicant to receive a work income produced in Italy. In this case the required documentation includes the CUD and the last two paychecks. In the event that the customer exceeds 60 years at the end of the reimbursement it is necessary to present a further document, that is the statement of account contributed Social Institute / Ex-Government Agency. Public and State employees, Armed Forces and Carabinieri employees may apply for a payday loan with a fifth transfer.

Furthermore, various constraints are set for the client ‘s age. The maximum age allowed at the end of the payday loan term is 65 years. For men the maximum length of service allowed is 42 years and one month, while for women it is one year younger, and therefore 41 years and one month. If you meet the requirements listed above, then you can proceed request for employees. To do so, just present a valid identity document, the health card and all the documents relating to the income received that we have seen previously. As is pointed out on the website, it is good to specify that the documentation described is the standard one, but based on the characteristics of the client it is possible that the company requests additional documentation before delivering the desired amount of money.

After seeing what are the necessary requirements to have access to payday loans for employees see what are the characteristics of these payday loans.

The best payday loan for this category of workers is undoubtedly the assignment of the fifth. There are several advantages of this type of financing compared to classic personal payday loans and therefore make it perfect for those who have a paycheck. First of all, we have already seen that the only required economic requirement is precisely the salary received, so it is a payday loan that can be received without too much trouble. What is the sum of money that can be requested for employees? The maximum amount that can be requested depends on the salary received by the client. In general, the maximum threshold is set at 150000 euros between capital and interest, so we are talking about a fairly large sum of money.

The sum of money requested will be paid to the current account in the name of the customer or, in the event that the latter is not already a customer of the , to the bank account. The main feature from the sale of the fifth is underlined by the name of the product. The monthly repayment installment that will be fixed can not in fact exceed one fifth of the net salary received, which guarantees the customer a reimbursement without any particular problems. So to know the maximum amount at which you can have access (before interest) you just have to divide your salary by 5 and multiply the result by the number of months in which you intend to complete the reimbursement. If the amount of money needed is higher than this value, the Fifth provides a further possibility to receive additional liquidity.



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