Payday Loan: loans for students and unemployed

Payday Loan: loans for students and unemployed

All you need to know about the payday loan. There are several financing options that the company reserves to the boys, obviously at particularly advantageous conditions. So let’s see how to get a budget for loans for students but also for all unemployed young people looking for a loan.

Payday Loan: student financing options

In the wide range of payday loans there are products designed specifically for younger people. This category of potential clients often finds many problems in receiving funding, due to the lack of guarantees necessary for the request. In particular, the basic requirement to receive any form of financing is the pay check, or in any case an income document. Turning to you will finally have the opportunity to get the amount of money you need thanks to some alternative guarantees. If you are a student looking for a loan, there are two financing options that you can access.

This financing option, as described by the name itself, has the purpose of enrolling in a master’s degree. Post-graduate training can be extremely useful for further specialization that will make you very attractive in the labor market. A master, however, has a cost that could be complicated to face for a young person, which is why the loan is born. The amount that can be requested through this loan for young students ranges from € 2,000 to € 15,000, which can be reimbursed over a period ranging from 18 months to 96 months. The rate is fixed with a 9.90% Tan and a maximum of 11.90% Taeg. The great advantage of this product compared to the classic payday loan is the possibility of setting a pre-amortization period of 3 years : this means that for the first 3 years only the interest will have to be paid, while only later will it start to repay the capital received borrowed.

The second solution provided by for young students is the so-called honor loan. With , the company rewards the most deserving students with extremely advantageous funding. The purpose of the loan is always to finance the studies, but the advantage is that for which it is based precisely on honor: the requirements for the provision take into consideration only exams passed by the student and the media-vote. The sum of money that can be requested is higher than previously seen, as it reaches up to 27,700 euros. In particular, the loan consists in the opening of a credit line equal to 27,700 euros, which will be available for a period that is defined according to the course of study. At the end of this period the student will only have to reimburse the sum of money used. In addition, before starting the repayment it is possible to request a “grace period” of maximum 2 years, in which no interest is accrued. Once this period has elapsed, the repayment will begin with a duration of 12 months up to 180 months.

Payday Loan Unemployed young people: how to apply for it

Thanks to , young people have the possibility to obtain the desired funding even if they are unemployed. As we have seen, in fact, lending solutions aimed at students do not provide for the presentation of an income document, as the requirements concern precisely the chosen course of study. Therefore the loans for young students are also addressed to the unemployed. In the wide range of products aimed at its customers, the company offers the possibility of accessing the desired funding also to young unemployed people who are not enrolled at the university. This is the case, for example, of those who are looking for work or who may need a certain amount of money to start their own business. In this case it is not always possible to obtain financing, but with it is possible to present alternative guarantees.

In particular, the simplest solution is to present the signature of a guarantor. In the case of the younger ones, it is often a parent who acts as guarantor, even if there is no family relationship. The role of the guarantor is in fact only that of presenting the income guarantees required instead of the beneficiary of the loan. In this way, the young unemployed can access the personal classic loan, to receive an amount between 2,000 euros and 30,000 euros, which can be repaid over a period ranging from 36 months to 84 months. In addition, by choosing this solution it is possible to take advantage of the installment, installment jump and loan repayment options, which allow to modify the amount of an installment or postpone the payment, as well as the possibility of requesting additional liquidity.

Payday loan subsidized loans for students and unemployed

If you are interested in receiving a payday loan for young and unemployed students, the best thing to do is to request a free quote. The request mode is different depending on the product you are interested in. For university students interested in receiving the loan it is necessary to check on their university website if this funding option is provided for those enrolled in the proposed courses of study. In this case you will find all the relevant information directly on the website of your university. The request for an estimate and the request for funding must also be made directly to the university itself.

With regard to the loan, however, there are no particular constraints other than that of being graduate students. In this case, to receive a detailed estimate completely free, just visit the website in the area dedicated to this specific product. Here you will have the opportunity to make an appointment at the branch to get more information and receive the estimate with the monthly payment and the interest rates that will be applied. To fix the appointment must be entered their personal data, their telephone numbers and an email address useful for all communications. Moreover, it is possible to choose the branch where it is convenient for us to go, for example the closest to our home or to our office. According to the time slot we have specified we will then be contacted to fix the appointment on the date and time available.

In case you are interested in the loan for unemployed youths as we have already said, the proposed financing solution is that of the classic payday loan. If you want to receive a quote in this case too, you have to make an appointment in the branch through the company’s website. Going to the branch you will have the opportunity to meet a consultant who will advise you the most convenient financing for you. In the event that the estimate obtained has the characteristics you are looking for and above all a monthly payment within your reach, you can proceed immediately with the request. In the case of loans for unemployed persons, the presence of the guarantor is essential, which must have a valid income document at hand. As always, an identity document and a health card are required. Once submitted the loan request for young people will only take a few days to receive an answer, and in case of an affirmative answer, the disbursement will take place in a few days.



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