How to reduce the risk of refusing a payday loan application?


You are planning to apply for a payday loan , but are you afraid that it will be rejected? Check with us cases when it may be considered negative. What to watch out for?

Jak zmniejszyć ryzyko odrzucenia wniosku o pożyczkę?

Not always an installment payday loan, which we ask for, may be granted to us. There are a number of situations in which simply a bank or a payday loan company, according to its analysis, should not lend us money. Sometimes the problem is also various errors in the payday loan application. It also happens that we simply do not know why the application is rejected. It is worth remembering cases when the risk is higher. It saves us a lot of nerves and stress.

Errors in the payday loan application

Let’s start with the fact that very often the reason for rejecting a payday loan application is the mistakes that were in it. They often result from our oversight, so we should always check the application carefully before sending it. Note the typos, especially in our contact and personal details.

Providing false data

Another reason for the rejection of a payday loan application may be the introduction of false data in it – consciously or unconsciously. They often concern the issue of residence, employment, income, and our expenses. Remember that a bank or payday loan company has the opportunity to check the accuracy of the data entered by us, for example in debtors’ databases, by phone to the employer.

Insufficient income

We will need adequate income to get a payday loan. Its amount is related primarily to the amount by which we apply. If it is too low, then we will simply receive a refusal because of insufficient income. We can then try to apply for a smaller amount.

Unpaid debts

An obstacle in obtaining a payday loan may also be unpaid debts, which are recorded in debtors’ databases, as well as in BIK databases. Then the bank or payday loan company treat the client as an unreliable partner and prefer not to enter into a contract with him, because there is a risk that he will not be reliable in repayment of the payday loan.

Failure to meet the payday loan requirement

Before applying for a payday loan, we should also check what conditions we must meet. If we do not do this, our application may be rejected immediately. These conditions may apply, among others, to a certain age, registration, income from specific sources.

Low creditworthiness

We must also not forget about creditworthiness, which in this context is quite broadly significant. It covers not only the issues of our income and expenses, but also our creditworthiness, which is included in the aforementioned databases. Low creditworthiness also applies to those who have never taken any payday loans or payday loans before , so the lender can not find any information in the databases.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of refusing a payday loan application, remember to meet the conditions dictated by the bank or by the payday loan company. You must also have adequate creditworthiness, and you must always check whether the application you wrote is correct and error free.

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