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When you think of borrowing money, you probably first think of borrowing from the bank. Although borrowing money without the intervention of the bank on the internet is also an option!

Borrowing money from the bank is often the most obvious option, but is this also the most favorable? Often there are more loan providers on the market that provide loans under better conditions and that ensure that you have money at lightning speed, in every situation. For example, loan providers on the internet have many advantages over banks. The convenience of borrowing on the internet is discussed in this article.

Get a payday loan with poor credit


Borrowing money on the internet is very easy and can offer a solution in situations where money is needed quickly. This is because taking out a loan on the Internet is almost always possible 24 hours a day. In addition, after taking out a loan on the internet, in the majority of cases, you receive money the same day. Taking out a payday loan with bad credit can be done online so that you do not have to leave the house and can get money directly with just a few clicks. 

How much money to borrow without the intervention of the bank?

The disadvantage of these loans on the internet is that it generally concerns relatively small amounts. In general, you are able to borrow any amount between 50 and 1000 euros, without any problems. For example, 600 euros for a new bicycle is an option, but also 150 euros for a wellness weekend or 300 euros for paying the monthly messages. If you want to borrow more money, you can consider taking out a loan from various loan providers on the internet. start the approval process with Payday Champion.  

You too can borrow money without the intervention of the bank!

Do you doubt whether a loan on the internet is a possibility for you? In nine out of ten cases this is possible, due to the fact that there are few conditions attached to these loans. You also do not need papers and it does not matter if you are listed on the blacklist. The latter has to do with the fact that for these loans where there is no intervention by the bank, you do not have to perform a blacklist review. This review is omitted, among other things, because it excludes many people from a loan, but also because this test takes a lot of time. Also with a blacklist notification, you can borrow without the intervention of the bank! The only thing that matters with these loans on the internet is that you have some source of income and that you are at least 21 years old. The source of income also refers to student finance, health care allowance or child benefit. In this way, borrowing on the internet is almost always possible, even you can borrow money without the intervention of the bank!

By determining its amount, the customer can verify himself whether he can afford a payday loan.

pozyczka na wczoraj

Whether with current liabilities and expenses, he will be able to give the bank a fixed sum. Such calculations can be assisted by cash payday loan installment calculators on the websites of banks and financial services, as well as simulations of cheap cash payday loans that can be carried out on their own or used on the internet.

When browsing the cash payday loan rankings, one of the parameters that is being compared is the monthly installment of the cash payday loan – you can freely choose the lowest and the least burdening household budget in the whole month.


The payday loan at once is primarily characterized by a small repayment installment in relation to the high amount of payday loan requested. Currently, it amounts to up to PLN 30,000. With the appropriate extension of the payday loan period, the bank allows you to minimize the amount of the monthly installment to the value that does not significantly affect the monthly budget of the client.


payday loan providers more willingly grants payday loans to its clients, because it has a direct insight into the history of their bank account, thanks to which it is able to determine whether a given customer can have funds to repay any payday loan and whether the given receipts are systematic.


A cash payday loan right away, available even via the internet, thanks to the constantly expanding offer of authorities that provide cash payday loans, is very diversified in terms of the monthly installment of the payday loan. Some credit institutions require a weekly repayment, which may make it difficult to estimate the borrower’s ability, especially if he earns income on a monthly basis.
If, however, he receives a payment every week or is employed in several places and can count on a cash inflow more than once a month, such a solution will be optimal for him. If you borrow small amounts for a short period of time, the monthly installment also decreases.


The best cash payday loans are characterized by flexibility in terms of the amount of installments. The institutions that offer them steadily reduce the amount of monthly receivables to encourage the customer to take payday loans just for them and not for the competition.
In this competition between the lenders, the customer gains the most, who has a greater opportunity to choose among the increasingly more profitable offers available immediately.


And when we have a problem with getting a payday loan from the bank then we only have to wait a minute . 

You are planning to apply for a payday loan , but are you afraid that it will be rejected? Check with us cases when it may be considered negative. What to watch out for?

Jak zmniejszyć ryzyko odrzucenia wniosku o pożyczkę?

Not always an installment payday loan, which we ask for, may be granted to us. There are a number of situations in which simply a bank or a payday loan company, according to its analysis, should not lend us money. Sometimes the problem is also various errors in the payday loan application. It also happens that we simply do not know why the application is rejected. It is worth remembering cases when the risk is higher. It saves us a lot of nerves and stress.

Errors in the payday loan application

Let’s start with the fact that very often the reason for rejecting a payday loan application is the mistakes that were in it. They often result from our oversight, so we should always check the application carefully before sending it. Note the typos, especially in our contact and personal details.

Providing false data

Another reason for the rejection of a payday loan application may be the introduction of false data in it – consciously or unconsciously. They often concern the issue of residence, employment, income, and our expenses. Remember that a bank or payday loan company has the opportunity to check the accuracy of the data entered by us, for example in debtors’ databases, by phone to the employer.

Insufficient income

We will need adequate income to get a payday loan. Its amount is related primarily to the amount by which we apply. If it is too low, then we will simply receive a refusal because of insufficient income. We can then try to apply for a smaller amount.

Unpaid debts

An obstacle in obtaining a payday loan may also be unpaid debts, which are recorded in debtors’ databases, as well as in BIK databases. Then the bank or payday loan company treat the client as an unreliable partner and prefer not to enter into a contract with him, because there is a risk that he will not be reliable in repayment of the payday loan.

Failure to meet the payday loan requirement

Before applying for a payday loan, we should also check what conditions we must meet. If we do not do this, our application may be rejected immediately. These conditions may apply, among others, to a certain age, registration, income from specific sources.

Low creditworthiness

We must also not forget about creditworthiness, which in this context is quite broadly significant. It covers not only the issues of our income and expenses, but also our creditworthiness, which is included in the aforementioned databases. Low creditworthiness also applies to those who have never taken any payday loans or payday loans before , so the lender can not find any information in the databases.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of refusing a payday loan application, remember to meet the conditions dictated by the bank or by the payday loan company. You must also have adequate creditworthiness, and you must always check whether the application you wrote is correct and error free.

More and more often, consumers depend on the support of financial companies and banks. This is the case, for example, when private purchases, a planned start-up or mandatory repairs can not be done with own funds, but a payday loan is required.

Apply for a payday loan: Requirements

Interested customers have two options for this, because payday loans can be requested both over the Internet and directly to the desired bank. However, the prospective borrower should know that there are some conditions for lending at all. Furthermore, the financial company requires numerous documents, which should be compiled by the customer in advance.

Conditions of Borrowing

Not only the financial company makes certain demands for lending, but already the state. For example, a borrower must have completed at least 18 years of age so that he is fully capable of acting. If younger consumers are already in need of a payday loan then at least one parent or guardian must have their consent.

There is no legal limit on age, but it is clear that many financial companies are having a hard time lending to older consumers, especially retirees. In addition to the regular and sufficient income of course, the life expectancy of the consumer plays a crucial role, since the bank can not be sure that a complete repayment of the payday loan will take place. Nevertheless, retirees can apply for a payday loan, but it may happen that only smaller payday loan amounts are possible, an additional guarantor is required or the monthly repayment installments are higher, in order to ensure the fastest possible repayment.

Another requirement for successful lending is the financial status of the prospective borrower. Here, the financial companies pay special attention to the monthly income, which must be above the legal attachment limit. It goes without saying that value is also attached to the corresponding credit rating, which is why banks and savings banks seek information from each other before granting any payday loan. This shows whether the consumer already has existing debt and, if so, repays it regularly and responsibly. If this is not the case, then a negative entry will immediately prevent a payday loan from being taken out.

It may also happen that a financial company demands collateral from the prospective borrower. These can be both existing assets and a guarantee. A guarantor, however, is that the guarantor fulfills the same conditions as the financial company demands from the actual borrower. Thus, credit rating and a regular income of the guarantor are a prerequisite.

Required documents for a payday loan application

First, the consumer must complete a corresponding payday loan application. This application requires personal information from the borrower, such as the full name, address, contact details, date of birth, marital status, number of children and, of course, all employment information. However, the financial situation is also inquired which means that the applicant must provide information on income, monthly expenses and existing payday loans and other obligations.

For employees, the compilation of documents is very easy, because usually they only need the proofs of income of the past three months in copy and possibly the corresponding bank statements showing the actual salary receipt. Some financial firms are also demanding last December’s December statement as it shows the total income of a year.

Proof of self-employed and self- employed persons is a little more difficult, since income tax receipts, VAT returns and account statements can only be used to estimate future revenues and revenues.

Our conclusion

Future borrowers must be of legal age, have a proven income and a sufficient credit rating. All information given by the consumer to the financial company must be documented in writing.


In recent years, more and more lenders have discovered the payday loan. Previously described as a scam, today they are a welcome opportunity without too much effort to beat out the cheapest loan. Especially the high pressure of competition comes to the borrowers in terms of interest rates and special conditions.

All facts about the guide “Payday loans yes or no” at a glance:

  • High comparability of the conditions of online credit providers.
  • Lower interest rates and better special conditions thanks to competitive pressure among online providers.
  • High effort for person identification.
  • Payday loans are another option to get as low interest rates on their loan.

But what else is behind the offer for Payday loans? Our guide to online credit reveals it!

1. The benefits of an payday loan

The biggest benefit of online credit is its comparability . Countless loan providers are available here, all with their good terms trying to attract customers. In principle, although every private person in Germany can lend money, that these are reputable providers, one sees mostly the strict creditworthiness check. Even online lenders do not want to engage in unnecessary risk.

Although it is propagated by established credit providers again and again that they also support borrowers with negative Schufa entries, but they look closely, why the Schufa entry was negative. So they not only secure themselves, but also the borrowers.

Online credit providers are making possible what many house banks are not able to do: They allow special rates at low interest rates , such as special repayments and the suspension of installments. Here, many banks adorn themselves to the borrowers. Therefore, this is a very clear advantage of Payday loans.

However, it is also possible that borrowers have already penetrated as far as a bank adviser and, although he generally agrees to a loan application, he warned again urgently before some passages. This is enough for many people who are resistant to advice in order to obtain the services of online credit providers. True to the motto: At least nobody gets involved here !, they can request their loans here at the desired conditions and certainly save money thanks to the lower interest rates.

For many, life is already happening on the internet and on the computer. These people are not afraid of an payday loan. They move around the virtual world every day anyway and have learned to make important decisions with the help of the internet. Some even shy away from personal contact . These examples are extreme, but not so rare. People who have always been shy and want to avoid a personal banking consultation are happy to rely on the opportunities of online credit.

Payday loans offer the advantage that they bring a higher comparability of the conditions. Even for people who shy away from direct contact with the bank consultant online credit is a good alternative.

2. The disadvantages of an payday loan

Anonymity has its price. Of course, even payday loan providers can not afford to completely renounce customer service. It is, however, the case that it has to be clear where it should go. This is hardly possible without a personal conversation. Even on the phone, many trains of thought do not really get along with the other person. Here man has not yet managed to cheat the distance.

Anyone who thinks that Payday loans offer the opportunity for low interest rates to save even the entire bureaucracy, which is necessary for the degree at a bank, is wrong. An payday loan adds a bureaucratic obstacle: personal identification . While you just have to bring your identity card at the time you sign up for the credit agreement, this requires a lot of mail traffic for an payday loan agreement.

The simplest method is the postident procedure . Here you go together with the credit agreement, an identity card and an invoice with proof of address from the last three months to the post office, can confirm their own identity in writing and by stamp and can then simply send the contract. Credit institutes are thus protecting against corruption and money laundering.

ing-diba Request ING loan offer now

3. The payday loan as a last resort?

The payday loan can not be considered as a last resort. Most online vendors carry out the same credit checks as branch network lenders. Seriousness can not be measured by physical presence.

Certainly many online credit providers also offer loans that have been rejected by some banks. Here, however, one must also consider the proportionality . If you ask a credit at questionable credit rating at 20 banks , two banks will certainly find a way to grant the loan. However, no person will go to the trouble of representing 20 credit institutions with the same credit concept. Here it will come after the first, at the latest second cancellation already to fundamental revisions.

Not so with the payday loan . The inquiries are made quickly and the necessary documents are uploaded faster than processed again. There’s the chance of hitting one of the two credit providers who would grant the loan, of course, much higher. This has not necessarily something to do with lack of respectability of the providers, but with a different perspective. Sometimes it’s only trifles that make the difference between adding and denying the loan. If the weighting of the criteria is just a little bit different, the lender may come to a different conclusion.

After all, there is no recipe for judging people. They surprise you again and again why there can never be 100% credit security . The same is true in the other direction. Not everyone with a fixed-term contract will automatically become unemployed and insolvent afterwards. Which criteria can generally lead to a rejection of the contract can be found in the guide “What can be done if the loan has been rejected?”

4. The conclusion: Payday loans are an option

It should be noted that Payday loans, in defiance of their questionable reputation, are a successful alternative to expensive loans from banks with branch networks. They have their advantages as well as disadvantages . Payday loans are often stocked with cheaper interest rates . Due to the higher pressure of competition, they also meet the customer with special conditions regarding special repayment and Co.

Thanks to their creditworthiness check they protect themselves and the borrower from unrealistic loans. Even payday loan providers have no interest in ruining their customers. Disadvantages can be seen in the lack of customer contact , which seems to be the big advantage for some human strikes.

All you need to know about Payday loans reserved for employees. Information regarding the requisites required to access this type of product and the characteristics of Payday loans for employees, both as regards the amount that can be requested and the methods of disbursement and reimbursement.

Payday loans for Employees: Requirements and documentation required

If you are looking for a payday loan for civil servants, then certainly the advantageous solutions are not lacking. Among the best there are certainly the payday loans, the payday loans offered to its customers. This credit institution offers its customers the opportunity to access different products, designed specifically for any need you may have. In this case, the product we want to present , and this is precisely a payday loan by assignment of the fifth. Before analyzing the economic characteristics of this type of payday loan, we see who is addressed and therefore what are the required requirements and the necessary documentation to receive the payday loan.

As with any payday loan, the first requirement is to be resident in Italy. This obviously also applies to foreign citizens, who must have been residents for at least 6 months. Again with regard to this category of customers, a very important document without which the request of the Fifth can not be presented is the residence permit, which must be open-ended or with a subsequent expiry date compared to the repayment term. Since it is a transfer of the fifth for employees, it is obviously necessary for the applicant to receive a work income produced in Italy. In this case the required documentation includes the CUD and the last two paychecks. In the event that the customer exceeds 60 years at the end of the reimbursement it is necessary to present a further document, that is the statement of account contributed Social Institute / Ex-Government Agency. Public and State employees, Armed Forces and Carabinieri employees may apply for a payday loan with a fifth transfer.

Furthermore, various constraints are set for the client ‘s age. The maximum age allowed at the end of the payday loan term is 65 years. For men the maximum length of service allowed is 42 years and one month, while for women it is one year younger, and therefore 41 years and one month. If you meet the requirements listed above, then you can proceed request for employees. To do so, just present a valid identity document, the health card and all the documents relating to the income received that we have seen previously. As is pointed out on the website, it is good to specify that the documentation described is the standard one, but based on the characteristics of the client it is possible that the company requests additional documentation before delivering the desired amount of money.

After seeing what are the necessary requirements to have access to payday loans for employees see what are the characteristics of these payday loans.

The best payday loan for this category of workers is undoubtedly the assignment of the fifth. There are several advantages of this type of financing compared to classic personal payday loans and therefore make it perfect for those who have a paycheck. First of all, we have already seen that the only required economic requirement is precisely the salary received, so it is a payday loan that can be received without too much trouble. What is the sum of money that can be requested for employees? The maximum amount that can be requested depends on the salary received by the client. In general, the maximum threshold is set at 150000 euros between capital and interest, so we are talking about a fairly large sum of money.

The sum of money requested will be paid to the current account in the name of the customer or, in the event that the latter is not already a customer of the , to the bank account. The main feature from the sale of the fifth is underlined by the name of the product. The monthly repayment installment that will be fixed can not in fact exceed one fifth of the net salary received, which guarantees the customer a reimbursement without any particular problems. So to know the maximum amount at which you can have access (before interest) you just have to divide your salary by 5 and multiply the result by the number of months in which you intend to complete the reimbursement. If the amount of money needed is higher than this value, the Fifth provides a further possibility to receive additional liquidity.



Sometimes you need a sum of money for a sudden expense such as a breakdown of an electrical appliance, that of a car or small household interventions, but unfortunately you do not have this amount, so payday loan have been created personal , which help you to cope with these unexpected expenses.

Already from the end you can realize that it is a real standard personal loan, but with the difference that the amount you can request is very small and therefore the delivery of the same takes place very quickly, often even immediately. Generally, the amount that can be requested for this type of loan varies from 1,000 to 3,000 euros depending on the bank or financial to which you refer, but you can also request an even lower amount, such as 500 euros and those are called fast loans.

Being a payday loan, even the times of restitution of the figure are much narrower than a classic personal loan , in fact the installments in most cases can not exceed 36 months and the amount of the sum of the installment itself is very small. Logically, the less installments you choose, the less you pay. Interest that however in this particular type of loans do not have a high rate.

You must always bear in mind that even if they are payday loan to obtain them you must still present guarantees even if these are less restrictive than the classic loan given the small amount you go to request. Even those who have no personal guarantees can access this loan, provided that a guarantor is found, which provides its guarantees in place of the applicant. In this case, the interest rates are slightly higher than normal, because there is always the risk of the bank not to be fully refunded the amount paid.

How payday loan are required

The request for payday loan should be performed like a classic loan, that is, you must present the valid identity card, the tax code, an income document , which can be the paycheck if you are an employee; the pension slip if you are a pensioner or the last tax return if you are a self-employed person. In addition to these you must also make available to the creditor institution the last bill paid for a home user , which may be the electricity or gas bill, this is used by the bank to have the demonstration of the place where you live .

Once the entire documentation has been presented, the lender will quickly evaluate your request, also taking information on your economic situation and will contact you to give you the result on the evaluation made. If the result is positive you will see within a few days the amount requested for your small personal loan. In case the urgency of having the amount available is really great, it is advisable to request such loan through the web where the evaluation times of the practice are much leaner than the branch.

The online procedure

Requesting payday loan online is even easier than you think, because all the operations you can do from the comfort of home without having to go to the branch . You just have to choose the credit institution that you feel most reliable, register with your official website and follow the procedure. To send the documentation and for all you have to provide the institute, you have a pre-completed form on the site where you have to enter all your personal data and attach the necessary documentation , so the practice will be much more streamlined and in case of a positive evaluation, the requested sum can also be paid within 24 hours.

The payday loan are very comfortable to cope with sudden expenses and certainly do not jeopardize your financial situation, that’s why they are in great demand and can really be very useful.

All you need to know about the payday loan. There are several financing options that the company reserves to the boys, obviously at particularly advantageous conditions. So let’s see how to get a budget for loans for students but also for all unemployed young people looking for a loan.

Payday Loan: student financing options

In the wide range of payday loans there are products designed specifically for younger people. This category of potential clients often finds many problems in receiving funding, due to the lack of guarantees necessary for the request. In particular, the basic requirement to receive any form of financing is the pay check, or in any case an income document. Turning to you will finally have the opportunity to get the amount of money you need thanks to some alternative guarantees. If you are a student looking for a loan, there are two financing options that you can access.

This financing option, as described by the name itself, has the purpose of enrolling in a master’s degree. Post-graduate training can be extremely useful for further specialization that will make you very attractive in the labor market. A master, however, has a cost that could be complicated to face for a young person, which is why the loan is born. The amount that can be requested through this loan for young students ranges from € 2,000 to € 15,000, which can be reimbursed over a period ranging from 18 months to 96 months. The rate is fixed with a 9.90% Tan and a maximum of 11.90% Taeg. The great advantage of this product compared to the classic payday loan is the possibility of setting a pre-amortization period of 3 years : this means that for the first 3 years only the interest will have to be paid, while only later will it start to repay the capital received borrowed.

The second solution provided by for young students is the so-called honor loan. With , the company rewards the most deserving students with extremely advantageous funding. The purpose of the loan is always to finance the studies, but the advantage is that for which it is based precisely on honor: the requirements for the provision take into consideration only exams passed by the student and the media-vote. The sum of money that can be requested is higher than previously seen, as it reaches up to 27,700 euros. In particular, the loan consists in the opening of a credit line equal to 27,700 euros, which will be available for a period that is defined according to the course of study. At the end of this period the student will only have to reimburse the sum of money used. In addition, before starting the repayment it is possible to request a “grace period” of maximum 2 years, in which no interest is accrued. Once this period has elapsed, the repayment will begin with a duration of 12 months up to 180 months.

Payday Loan Unemployed young people: how to apply for it

Thanks to , young people have the possibility to obtain the desired funding even if they are unemployed. As we have seen, in fact, lending solutions aimed at students do not provide for the presentation of an income document, as the requirements concern precisely the chosen course of study. Therefore the loans for young students are also addressed to the unemployed. In the wide range of products aimed at its customers, the company offers the possibility of accessing the desired funding also to young unemployed people who are not enrolled at the university. This is the case, for example, of those who are looking for work or who may need a certain amount of money to start their own business. In this case it is not always possible to obtain financing, but with it is possible to present alternative guarantees.

In particular, the simplest solution is to present the signature of a guarantor. In the case of the younger ones, it is often a parent who acts as guarantor, even if there is no family relationship. The role of the guarantor is in fact only that of presenting the income guarantees required instead of the beneficiary of the loan. In this way, the young unemployed can access the personal classic loan, to receive an amount between 2,000 euros and 30,000 euros, which can be repaid over a period ranging from 36 months to 84 months. In addition, by choosing this solution it is possible to take advantage of the installment, installment jump and loan repayment options, which allow to modify the amount of an installment or postpone the payment, as well as the possibility of requesting additional liquidity.

Payday loan subsidized loans for students and unemployed

If you are interested in receiving a payday loan for young and unemployed students, the best thing to do is to request a free quote. The request mode is different depending on the product you are interested in. For university students interested in receiving the loan it is necessary to check on their university website if this funding option is provided for those enrolled in the proposed courses of study. In this case you will find all the relevant information directly on the website of your university. The request for an estimate and the request for funding must also be made directly to the university itself.

With regard to the loan, however, there are no particular constraints other than that of being graduate students. In this case, to receive a detailed estimate completely free, just visit the website in the area dedicated to this specific product. Here you will have the opportunity to make an appointment at the branch to get more information and receive the estimate with the monthly payment and the interest rates that will be applied. To fix the appointment must be entered their personal data, their telephone numbers and an email address useful for all communications. Moreover, it is possible to choose the branch where it is convenient for us to go, for example the closest to our home or to our office. According to the time slot we have specified we will then be contacted to fix the appointment on the date and time available.

In case you are interested in the loan for unemployed youths as we have already said, the proposed financing solution is that of the classic payday loan. If you want to receive a quote in this case too, you have to make an appointment in the branch through the company’s website. Going to the branch you will have the opportunity to meet a consultant who will advise you the most convenient financing for you. In the event that the estimate obtained has the characteristics you are looking for and above all a monthly payment within your reach, you can proceed immediately with the request. In the case of loans for unemployed persons, the presence of the guarantor is essential, which must have a valid income document at hand. As always, an identity document and a health card are required. Once submitted the loan request for young people will only take a few days to receive an answer, and in case of an affirmative answer, the disbursement will take place in a few days.